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Plague Patrol is old school death metal from the Czech Republic. (Mal)formed in 2020, the trio invoke the stench of the early ’90s American & Scandinavian death metal scenes, alongside an obsession with the John Carpenter movie, The Thing, with the sole aim of delivering odious and crushing death/doom to this world of decay, entropy and inevitable death.

Scalpel-sharp riffing and unhinged, maniacal vocal, are underpinned by a bludgeoning rhythm section, all brought together perfectly by some incredibly heavy production, creating for frenzied, doom-laden monoliths that should put them on many death metal radar over the coming months.

FFO: old death metal from Finland, Mortiferum, Void Rot, Wharflurch, Delirium

Plague on this record: Z – drums, R – guitars, bass, S – vocals, O – guest guitars
Drums & guitars executed at Davos Studios in June 2021
(the very same day The Thing movie was released in 1982)
Vox recorded at Dödsmörd Studio in September 2021
Mixed by Otyn at Davos Studio in September 2021
Mastered by Otyn at Davos Studio in October 2021
Artwork by Lucas Korte

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