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  • CADAVERIC FUMES – Dimensions Obscure LP

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    Always on the hunt for the freshest, most diseased sounds in death metal, BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present CADAVERIC FUMES’ debut mini-album, Dimensions Obscure. With their split mini-album with Demonic Oath in 2014, CADAVERIC FUMES showed that a French death metal uprising was at hand, and now with Dimensions Obscure, they make good on that bountiful potential. Compared to their earlier work on that split and the preceding demo, here on Dimensions Obscure, CADAVERIC FUMES forego the all-manic/all-the-time morbidity for a highly dynamic and nuanced take on death metal. Granted, flashes of mid ’80s insanity and early ’90s darkness remain, but a cool confidence is at play here, each passage measured to inflict both maximum cranial damage and spiritual atmosphere. These songs exude a patience and maturity most death metal bands take many albums to accomplish, if at all, and all without compromising the core values of total and utter DEATH METAL. Putting the finishing touch on a swift ‘n’ compact totality, the production across Dimensions Obscure is as warm and live as it gets, but not once is an ounce of clarity sacrificed. Hear the beginning of something masterful and enter Dimensions Obscure…

  • CADAVERIC FUMES – Echoing Chambers of Soul LP

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    BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to announce CADAVERIC FUMES’ long-awaited first (and final) album, Echoing Chambers of Soul, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

    The CD and tape versions will be released on December 10th while the vinyl version will follow in January 2022.

    “It has been five years long wandering. Five years of efforts trying to reinvent our sound, searching for a meaning to keep on playing this beloved genre of music. Through sweat and blood. This meant experimentations, lineup re-structuration, songs written then thrown in the bin, exhaustion.

  • CRYPTIC SHIFT – Visitations From Enceladus – Picture LP

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    Progressive Death/Thrash Metal from Leeds, UK.

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