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Sell Out / Výprodej 7'',12'' - vinyl 7''EP

HUMAN ERROR - Ten Reasons To Kill Your Boss… 7 EP  

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No, it isn't BM, it's just extreme crust/d-beat/grindcore with mad shouting in Hungarian over it - but I'm sure my readers love such kind of (anti-)music too. Human Error have been playing for 15 years and toured 26 countries - and now I know for sure that they're reading my blog too! Their newest release may be a bit short (less than 12 minutes), but it sounds absolutely great, just like their previous LP "Life Sentence".

Track List:

1. Formatált köztudat
2. D-ütem
3. Nem vagy jobb
4. Hálóban
5. Front
6. Anarchofascist
7. Haladj a korral!
8. Grinding Down The Business Metal
9. Eszmék barmokká nevelnek
10. Robbanj fel te negédes világ!
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