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    Retortion Terror recorded/mixed/mastered by Yacchung at Socrates
    Invidiosus mixed/mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Studios, all tracks self-recorded

    LP 15,20 EUR Add to cart
    Retortion Terror recorded/mixed/mastered by Yacchung at Socrates
    Invidiosus mixed/mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Studios, all tracks self-recorded
  • RETORTION TERROR / DAGGRA split LP Orange / Black Splatter

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    This record was recorded at RAG Studios in Osaka while on tour in 2019.
    DAGGRA lending members to Takafumi Matsubara (Gridlink, Mortalized, Formless Master) to record the Retortion Terror side.
  • RETORTION TERROR / DAGGRA split LP Red / Black Splatter

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    This record was recorded at RAG Studios in Osaka while on tour in 2019.
    DAGGRA lending members to Takafumi Matsubara (Gridlink, Mortalized, Formless Master) to record the Retortion Terror side.

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    Wise Grinds Records proudly presents the 12″ vinyl version of the ripping Exhumed From Eastern Tombs split from Taiwanese raw grindcore act BRAIN CORROSION and Taiwanese/American death metal powerhouse RIPPED TO SHREDS. FFO Dead Infection, Looking For An Answer, General Surgery, blast beats and shredding chainsaw guitars!
  • POWER TOKE Slabs Of Pain LP

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    (New Mexico USA Funeral Grind ffo Vermin Womb. ft. Joe Tapia from Noisear/Laughing Dog)

    Power Toke was born on the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Consisting of blast king Lucas Bailey (Desecrated Humanity) on drums, Guitarist Vanson Mendoza, Vocalist Roman Barham, and grind legend Joe Tapia (Noisear, Laughing Dog) on bass duty, Power Toke brings droning, heavy, sludge, deathgrind, and gravity blasts together to form a conglomeration not heard in more traditional grind realms. With lyrics spinning tales of life in prison, drugs, government control, and the perils of poverty in America, Power Toke tells a story that is more than relatable to most grind fiends out there and does it over a powerful and depressing soundtrack. With each track on this LP longer than most typical grind LPs, listeners are in for a full 44 minutes of blast filled sludge on this killer debut LP. Emanating the nihilistic pain and suffering of everyday life at the fringes of society through every riff.

  • HUMAN OBLITERATION Definition Of Insanity LP

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    Death/Grind from California, US


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    NHG // GRINDER FLESH – Split  black vinyl (NHG grind from Argentina / GF Chilean grindcore since 1989)

    A showcase of South American grindcore, featuring Argentina’s N.H.G and Chile’s Grinder Flesh. This being the first North American release for both bands. First N.H.G pummels you with a crisp, clean, modern approach, filled with massive chunky riffs and unrelenting blast beats. Then 30+ year raw punk-grind veterans GRINDER FLESH, with their loose, dirty, raw, punk approach to classic grind style, give a history lesson on the deep roots of the Chilean underground scene. A rare chance for the American audience to get a glimpse of the state of extreme music south of the equator.

  • HOSTIA Resurrected Meat LP

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    Death/grind quartet Hostia returns with the mini-album “Resurrected Meat”. 6 premiere tracks + “Chvrch Bvrner” song remixed by Natalia Zamilska. The material was recorded by Paweł “Janos” Garbowski “JNS Studio”. Haldor Grunberg “Satanic Audio” is responsible for the production. The graphic design was handled classically by Łukasz Pach “Pachu Design”.
    CD version, limited to 500 pieces. Jewel case + slipcase edition with gold varnish.
    LP version (released in February 2024) – black, 180 gr. vinyl (+ silkscreen), limited to 300 pieces (with four color versions of the print on the LP), packed in a solid gatefold.
    The album was recorded traditionally at JNS studio. Haldor Grunberg (Satanic Audio) is responsible for the production.
    Pachu Design is classically responsible for the graphic design and the development of accessories.

  • REINFECTION They Die For Nothing LP

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    Re-edition of the REINFECTION’s cult debut album released by the Deformeathing Production.
    First release of the CD appeared on the market nearly 20 years ago through Ablated Records (USA) and it’s been unavailable for a long time.
    In the re-edition, original tracks, recorded in Izabelin Studio, are presented in their original form. No re-mastering nor sound processing were applied. Ultra brutal death/gore/grind in its purest form!
    Reinfection is an undisputed legend of brutal music, standing in line with the classics of the then scene, such as Damnable, Parricide, Yattering, Dead Infection, Epitome or Squash Bowels.
    What’s more, the release is not their last word!

  • REINFECTION Breeding Hate LP

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    After 19 years after their iconic debut, Reinfection returned with the album “Breeding Hate”. A long break could suggest softening the material or moving to a more mild climate. Nothing could be further from the truth! It’s still super fast, super brutal and absolutely crazy. Ultra blast beats combined with grinding guitars, all supported by inhuman vocals. Reinfection does not disappoint, Reinfection kills!

  • EPITOME Rotend LP

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    8 years after the release of their previous album, Epitome are back with a new album. The legendary band has prepared 17 completely new numbers. Twisted, mechanical grind clashes with pure death metal and leaves ashes. Nothing more.

  • GHOST Bad Obsession LP

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    Death metal band from Gdańsk, Poland. Formed in October 1988.

  • DISMA Earthendium 12″ MLP / lenticular picture disc /

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    Granted, there’s been a bunch of so-called death metal “super-groups” since the dawn of the millennium. A gathering of talented, determined to show the kids how it’s done and what death freakin’ metal truly means. But very few, if none, had the impact DISMA had. Simply put, their debut demo The Vault Of Membros basically erased all competition back in 2009. Not only did this first recording mark the first collaboration in between INCANTATION “cult” front man Craig Pillard and early guitarist Bill Venner. Now joining with members of FUNEBRARUM. But its earth-shattering heaviness and supreme brutality set a new benchmark for downtuned dark doom/death metal.

    Fan from day one, DOOMENTIA has been working with the band since 2011 and their first European tour. Besides two split EPs, DOOMENTIA set up new standards with the LP version of their sole album, Towards The Megalith whose diehard edition featured a six panel tri-fold fantastic sleeve with an extra inserted 7 inch.

    Since then, instead of putting out an endless stream of easily-forgettable releases, DISMA carefully choose to take their time and release the right songs at the right time. After some line-up adjustments, with now Craig Pillard handling both vocals and guitar duties. Their first new recording in five years, Earthendium showcases a continuous vision with even more effective and lethal firepower. Slightly doomier, yet still as crushing, these three new tracks (including the epic nine minutes long title-track) were recorded at the aptly titled, Neanderthal studios and proves than over eighteen years after their first rehearsal, DISMA remains one of the heaviest and rawest forces in death metal today.

    DOOMENTIA once again offered the band to take care of the LP version, determined to stay true to the standards set by Towards The Megalith twelve years prior and to release an easier-to-find version for European customers. Hence this extremely cool-looking one-sided lenticular 3D picture disc version. Ola Larsson’s spectacular dark-fantasy inspired art in all of its glory, displayed in a die-cut sleeve. A fitting monument to one of this years most impressive and dark-as-fuck EP’s.

    So be quick or be dead as this will be probably sold out in no time, as did all the previous DISMA releases on DOOMENTIA.

    • Special edition of 500 copies
    • One-sided MLP
    • Lenticular picture with a deep effect on the B-side
    • Jacket with circular die-cut, printed on both sides
    • Thick insert
  • MÖRKHIMMEL Genium obskurity LP

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    “Mörk himmel means dark sky. The name is Swedish, but also Norwegian and Danish. I’m fascinated Scandinavian culture, history, landscape and especially music. I really like our name. Say “Mörkhimmel”, “dark sky” and “temné nebe” in succession. What do you think sounds best?” (Slavek, singer of MÖRKHIMMEL)

    Czech band MÖRKHIMMEL has existed since 2007, but the more visible and successful era of existence began in 2012 after a line-up change and the release of the album “Zloskřivec”. Experienced musicians, played in bands, now we can say legends of the Czech underground (MOTHER, THEMA ELEVEN, !ÚL, SEE YOU IN HELL or TUMMO / hardcore, sludge, thrash, death or black metal), found themselves in a combination of these genres and their metallic crust quickly established not only on the Czech scene, but also abroad. In 2014, the band came out with a well-reviewed album “Ostří černé kosy zní”, played at big festivals and small clubs, toured Europe, spread their dark and dirty music everywhere, and was one of the first bands in the Czech Republic to unite the previously almost antagonistic scenes – metal and hardcore. Some at MÖRKHIMMEL appreciated the raven’s vocals and the metallic sound, others the hardcore disjointedness and crust dirt, and the mix of all of the above came from a split with another Czech band, THE TOWER, released in 2017.

    After a few years of a slight downturn, MÖRKHIMMEL is back this year with new variations on previously presented musical themes, now spiced up with additional influences and unexpected practices. Texts remain in the Czech language and are in the times “from the cradle to the black coffin”, as one of the verse, but there are no happy stories in them, it is rather an “implosion of vanity”. Listen first single on YouTube.

  • REGURGITATE the Torture Sessions LP

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    Solid black vinyl limited to 350 copies.
    Complete singles and demo collection 1991-1994 back in print after more than 15 years, adding the songs from split 7″ with Vaginalmassaker that weren’t included on the previous CD editions.
    Contents in detail:
    – Demo 1991
    – “Concrete human torture ” demo
    – Split 7″s with Psychotic Noise, Vaginalmassaker and Grudge

    42 x pus-erupting stabs of sickening carnal cacophony from Sweden’s undisputed masters of Gore Grind! LP with old fashioned printed inner sleeve.

  • TERRORIZER Before the downfall 1987-89 Gatefold 2xLP+CD

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    Deluxe gatefold 2xLP with silkscreened print on side D, bonus “1987” CD (including additional demos/reh/live), extra slipcase with alternate artwork, 16 page booklet featuring extensive interviews, loads of never-seen-before photos, scans of old flyers, demo artworks and more! The ultimate collection from Los Angeles’ godfathers of GRIND, the one and only… TERRORIZER!

    This monsterwork starts off with “Collapse”, a completely unreleased song from the “World downfall” studio session unearthed from the bands secret archives.. next is an alternative take of their split tape with NAUSEA (1988) that sounds like machine-gun fire in the face and then you can enjoy all their existing demos and early works in astonishingly great sound quality, mastered with total audiophile passion from the best sounding sources in existence!! Some of these recordings are the reason why Shane Embury of Napalm Death back in his tape-trading days got completely crazy for them and persuaded Earache to sign them and bring to light “World downfall” (when the band was already on hiatus).

    “Countless blast warriors still strive for this classic sound and catchy song structure, but no one can match it on Oscar Garcia’s pitch(less) caveman growl! This is the perfect storm of incredible songwriting and recording quality” (Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer / Agoraphobic Nosebleed about “World downfall”).

    46 SONGS of bulldozing L.A. Grindcore, all the classics you want to hear included!!!

  • W.B.I. Storm from the Baltic sea 1987-1991 LP+CD

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    W.B.I. “Storm from the Baltic sea 1987-1991” LP+CD + 20 page booklet + poster


    Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies.
    One of the oldest and most destructive Noise/Grind units from the infamous German scene that spawned cacophonic horrors like TUMOR, ANAL MASSAKER, B.G.T., VENTILATOR, B.R.B. and countless more!! An exaustive collection of early W.B.I. works prior to their “Arschbombe Des Monats!” 12″.
    LP including:
    – “Stichpimpulibockforzelorum” 7″ EP (1990)
    – Split 7″ with NECROPHILIACS (1991)
    – “Arabischer Sackmantel” Demo (1990)
    Bonus CD..
    ..with the same contents as the LP + the rare “Bart 1: Anti-Russen-Geholze” Demo 1987 (180 songs!!) one of the earliest recordings in the history Teutonic Noisecore + 3 unreleased sessions!

    Fanzine styled booklet with liner notes, flyers and artworks of the original tapes/7″s and extra poster! Complete aural annihilation, hundreds of tracks blasting at heart-attack speed under an unstoppable onslaught of asthmatic screams and cavernous growls, for fans of the golden era of Noisecore (early AxCx, Sore Throat, Buka, 7MON)!!


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    SIDETRACKED: Tacoma, WA frantic powerviolence champions deliver 14 exclusive tracks (recorded in 2018) of annihilating fast hardcore to leave you completely floored and devastated. Taking the best elements of fast US hardcore and powerviolence and blending them together in a grinding cyclone of rapid tempo changes, neck breaking blasts and raging vocals. ISOLATION AS CULT: 180 song pulverizing noisecore hecatomb at its fiercest degradation stage. Combining the old school extremism of 7MON, Fear Of God, VNA, AxCx, Crawl Noise with Japanese filthnoisepunk influences (Gai, Confuse, Toxo-Vomit, State Children). Featuring: GTB (Cripple Bastards) / HOD (Toxic Basement Studio). Get ready for a lethal overdose of micro-song nihilism! LP with insert and bonus I.A.C. sticker.

  • EGO FIX Total filth squad – Discography 1995-1997 LP+CD

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    Grind Core from Japan

    Black vinyl limited to 200 copies.

    Tracks A1 to A4 = v/a – “Grind The Faces Of Rockstars Vol. 2” cassette 1996 / Bloodbath Records (BIM1010)
    Tracks A5 to A6 = v/a – “Snarl Out” 7″ EP 1996 / Slightly Fast Records (FAST-002)
    Tracks A7 to A10 = “Terminal Filth Squad” split 7″ EP w/ PLUTONIUM 1997 / Dan-Doh Records (DAN-DOH 004)
    Tracks A11 to A14 = v/a “1995.1.17.46” cassette 1995 / F.F.T. Label (F.F.T.009)
    Tracks B1 to B8 = “Eternal Karma” Demo 1996 / self released
    CD tracks 1 to 18 = “Reh+Live Demo ’96” previously unreleased
    CD track 19 = “Live At Scramble House in Maizuru City, Kyoto (Performed by CHAPEL OF GHOUL)

  • D.F.C. / LOW LIFE split LP

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    DFC Punk hardcore / thrash band from Brasilia, Brazil, active since 1993. DFC stands for Distrito Federal Caos. LOWLIFE Thrashcore from Brazil

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