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    Grind Core battle Australia vs Sweden

  • REDEMPTOR – Agonia LP

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    REDEMPTOR from Krakow, Poland is back with new full length after 4 years. The successor of well-received “Arthaneum” album brings forth 9 songs of technical, heavy and atmospheric death metal heavily influenced by GORGUTS, MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION, DEATH. Recorded at Zed Studios by Tomasz Zalewski (DECAPITATED, KAT, DEIVOS). Artwork by the band’s singer Xaay known from his work for BEHEMOTH, NECROPHAGIST, NILE, ABYSMAL TORTMENT. REDEMPTOR line-up includes ex and current members from bands like SCEPTIC, SOTHOTH, DECAPITATED, BANISHER, DEIVOS, WINGLESS and the likes.

  • DORMANT ORDEAL – The Grand Scheme Of Things LP

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    DORMANT ORDEAL’s third full length and Selfmadegod debut features 8-song technical, dissonant and intense death metal played with great skills and precision. “The Grand Scheme Of Things” was recorded, mixed and mastered with producer Paweł “Janos” Grabowski at JNS Studio (Antigama, Hate, Riverside, Lost Soul, Masachist, Imperator). This is a must have for fans of MORBID ANGEL, HATE ETERNAL, DECAPITATED, ULCERATE, HOUR OF PENANCE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, INGURGITATING OBLIVION and the likes.


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    Sanity Control is a Crossover/ Thrash Metal band from Warsaw, Poland, who pay homage to the classic Thrash Metal bands while blending it with a distorted and aggressive hardcore punk attack not unlike the great Crossover bands before them – Broken Bones, MOD, and Crumbsuckers to name a few. Their lyrics cover various social issues and embody a geniune hardcore/punk attitude. Seeing Red Records are proud to team up with Selfmadegod Records to unleash Sanity Control’s debut album, War on Life, to the world!

  • TERRORDOME – Straight Outta Smogtown LP

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    Crossover/thrash metal maniacs TERRORDOME from Poland are back with the third full length “Straight Outta Smogtown”. The 14-song material bring forth high energy and intense thrash metal influenced by RAZOR, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, SLAYER, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER. The album includes lots of guests like: Frank Blackfire (Sodom, ex-Assassin), Manu Joker (Uganga, ex-Sarcofago), Jairo Vaz (Chaos Synopsis), Friggi Mad Beats (Chaos Synopsis, ex-Attomica) as well as Konrad Ramotowski (Untervoid, ex-Hate). TERRORDOME is a thrash metal quartet from Cracow, Poland. It is marked by breakneck speed and fast solos combined with aggressive shouts. The band has been on stage since 2005 playing actively in Poland and abroad (Europe, Brasil, China and Japan).

  • VERDICT – The Rat Race LP

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    Debut recording of new swedish käng / d-beat band with old faces. Expect nothing than raw and fast mangel!

    Kalle – vocals, EA – guitar, Kenko – guitar, Jallo – bass, Kalle – drums

    Additional bass tracks by Jocke

    Mixed and mastered by Kenko at the Communichaos Meida Clay Station 2021.

  • SLIGHT SLAPPERS – Sweet Power Violence LP

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    Japanese Power Violence

  • BODYBAG Discography – 2x LP

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    Double 140 gramms BLACK vinyl, housed in gatefold cover with insert LTD 300 copies. 100 with posters for mailorder only.
    Dbl LP to be released by Psychocontrol Recs, 2023.
    Artwork and layout by Ondrej Mysinsky.
    Songs 1 to 5 taken from split 12” with General Surgery.
    Recorded in November 2016 and January 2017, originally released by Living Dead Society in May 2017. Cover art and layout by Per Wiberg.
    Songs 6 & 7 taken from split 7” with Earth Federation.
    Recorded in September 2015, originally released by Awesome Mosh Power Recs in June 2017. Cover layout by Hevi.
    Song 8 taken from Invocation Of Obscene Gods compilation CD.
    Recorded in September 2015, originally released by Backwoods Butcher Recs in January 2016.
    Songs 9 to 13 taken from split 12” with Modorra.
    Recorded in September 2015, originally released by Plague Island Recs in May 2016. Cover layout by JM Dopico and Ramón Rodríguez.
    Songs 14 to 21 taken from “Predominance Of Insanity” 12” / MCD / Tape.
    Recorded in December 2014, originally released by Living Dead Society, Unholy Prophecies and Noise Not War Recs in July 2015. Cover art by Nor Prego, layout by JM Dopico.
    All songs recorded, mixed and mastered at Treboada Studio by Paco “The Maggot” Liaño.
    Bodybag was:
    JM Dopico – Drums & Vocals (2014-2017).
    Corey RF – Bass & Vocals (2014-2017).
    MS – Guitar (2014-2016).
    Iago Pregosnake – Guitar (2016-2017).
    Additional guitars on the split 12” with General Surgery by JM Dopico (Rhythm) and Johan Wallin (Lead).
    All music and lyrics by Bodybag except “Powerpigs” (Wolfpack) and “Fuck Your Hippie Love” (Hellnation).

  • TRAPPIST / HETZE split 7″EP

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    TRAPPIST Los Angeles-based, beer-centric, crusty hardcore thrash band with Chris Dodge. HETZE Punk – Hardcore Band From Belgium

  • CIMITERIUM – s/t 7!EP

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    Debut 7″EP vinyls from Australian’s stenchcore / metal punk act. Think Hellshock meets Axegrinder / Bolt Thrower. Brutal and raw. EU version.
  • X-TORSION – Do It Yourhell LP

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    Grind Core from Spain

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  • WOLVEN – War Poisoned Cult LP

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    Crustcore project from Belgium

  • WHORLS – Petrichor LP

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    Black Metal/Hardcore based in Denmark

  • WHO´S MY SAVIOUR – Wall of Sickness LP

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    Grind   Core from Germany.

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    VG Grindcore band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada PLAGUE  Canadian grind/crust punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba.


  • VOMI NOIR – Les Myasmes De La Deliquescence LP

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    Gore Grind from France

  • WAKE – Leeches LP

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    Canadian extreme music band from Calgary, Alberta.
    Originally played grindcore, now plays progressive black metal/death metal.

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    WALLS – The Future Is Wide Open LP

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    Hardcore punk from Seattle, Washington.

  • UNRESTED – Dosis De Realidad LP

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    Grind Core from Spain with members of Convulsions, Tu Carne, Rageous Intent…

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    VELD – Daemonic: the Art of Dantalian LP

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    Death metal from Belarus

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