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Vinyl 10'' / 12'' - vinyl 12''

TAKAFUMI MATSUBARA Strange, beautiful and fast – 12 LP (RSR) 

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4 years in the making. Takafumi Matsubara (GridLink, Mortalized Grindcore and Retortion Terror) returns with his aolo album consisting appearances from Grindcore players wWorldwide . A 17 Track cacophony of howling solos and blast beats fueled by the passing of his great friend HEE CHUNG (Unholy Grave official) . An album that not only pays condolences to his friend but also celebrates the friendships that Grindcore has brought to him through these years of up’s and down due to his health. All the beautiful people he has connected through in these 4 years that love fast and strange music celebrating Grindcore (like Bryan Fajardo) in one album. It’s a thrilling ride from start to the finish with every song howling deep with Emotions into the minds of every listener that will listen to this album . A once in a generation album that will leave it’s mark for years to come . Prepare to blast your mind!!! 300 copies limited!
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