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    DEFEATED SANITY – Chapters of Repugnance Reissue Gatefold LP

    LP 520,00 

    Progressive brutal death metal outfit Defeated Sanity will be re-releasing their highly praised Willowtip debut ‘Chapters Of Repugnance’ in deluxe digipack and limited edition LP with 3 bonus tracks.

    Included is the new track “Insecta Incendium”, which is a proper return to form for the band that showcases their signature blend of technical viciousness, alongside re-recorded tracks off “Psalms Of The Moribund” and “Passages Into Deformity” that feature their current vocalist Josh Welshman.

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    DEFEATED SANITY – Passages Into Deformity Picture Disc LP

    LP 500,00 

    With Passages Into Deformity, fans can expect another quality release from DEFEATED SANITY. Without compromising the brutality of their sound, the band has stepped it up in terms of the overall production. The album has a more old-school vibe to it, with a lot of early ‘90s inspired riffs and slams, but DEFEATED SANITY made it a point to not get away from the technical and progressive stylings they are known for. Be prepared for the best DEFEATED SANITY album yet!

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    LP 590,00 


    Rob Marton – Guitars, Bass (ex Discordance Axis)
    Kyosuke Nakano – Drums (ex Cohol)
    Jon Chang – Vocals (ex Discordance Axis)

    The definitive ending to the piloted bullet hell grind album series started in 1992, No One Knows What the Dead Think documents eight original stages plus a hard reboot of the Discordance Axis stage Dominion
    released September 20, 2019

    Recorded by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios
    Produced by Rob Marton, Jon Chang, and Kevin Antreassian

    Cover Art: Josh Taylor
    Layout+Design: Jon Chang

    Series Termination Autumn 2019.

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    DISCORDANCE AXIS – JouHou gatefold vinyl 12″

    LP 700,00 

    For the first time on CD and LP in more than a decade, the Discordance Axis album „JouHou“ is presented in its original format with multiple bonus tracks from their split with Plutocracy, Melt Banana, and an excerpt from a live show in Tokyo, 1997. Recorded by Bill T Miller, Jouhou is lean and relentless, with every bit of fat trimmed out of an 18 minute run time. Where other „grind“ bands throttled back and settled into the scene niche, Discordance Axis continued in their own direction…as fast as humanly possible. Not for fans of anyone who thinks Dark Souls is too hard or has not been able to one-credit Radiant Silvergun.
    released January 27, 2004

    Jouhou recorded 1995-97. Tracks 21-25 originally from split 7″ with Plutocracy released on Slap A Ham Records 1995. Tracks 26-31 originally from split 7″ with Melt Banana released by HG Fact 1995. Track 32 recorded live in Tokyo 199

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