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Vinyl 7''EP - vinyl 7''EP

GAS CHAMBER Modern Vision Of The Erect Nightmare - 7 EP (NERVE ALTAR) 

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Gas Chamber emerges from the murky depths of the rusted end times to unleash "The Modern Vision of the Erect Nightmare". Pushing the boundaries of their dark vision even further by integrating their experimental side more directly into their compositions, this 13 minute piece wraps itself around both sides of a 7" EP with a vicious grip. A multi faceted wretch that heaves itself through ashen swamps and apocalyptic sinkholes of dark powerviolence and twisted grim noise. Soundscapes of mechanical clicks and groans give way to bass driven crusty anthems only to retreat back into caves of filth and the tortured agonizing screams of the truly damned. These are the cursed days. For fanatics only. 
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