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USURPRESS should be no strangers to those of you who’ve been faithfully supporting DOOMENTIA since the Swedish D-beat/crust masters - still featuring former members of UNCURBED and DELLAMORTE, including Daniel Ekeroth on bass – have already put out two seven inches on the label, one being a split with the equally spankin’ BOMBS OF HADES. But whatever you think you know can now be flushed in the toilets as this new recording - released on CD by Poland’s SELFMADEGOD and LP by, well, guess who?! – sees them exploring quite new and surprising territories. The fact alone that they’ve come up with their first ever epic so to speak (the 7+ minutes “A Tidal Wave of Fire”) is an indication but still doesn’t cover it all as on those three new tracks, USURPRESS have decided to push further the confined walls of crust in order to see what laid behind. Dipping as much into old-school death-metal as in suffocating doom and Satan-knows-what, this set recorded in March 2013 is pretty much unlike anything they’ve done before and is certain to raise eyebrows.

If there’s one thing that is certain to attract the attention with BENT SEA, it’s its ‘deluxe’ line-up. Essentially former SCARVE and well-respected SOILWORK drummer Dirk Verbeuren, who never did hide his love of grind and death and even lend his talent to such unrefined noisemongers as SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION among others, little plaything, on this recording the man is completed by not only ABORTED’s Sven de Caluwé on vocals but also the god of grind himself, Sir Shane Embury (whoever says ‘who?!’ will get punched in the face repeatedly) on bass. Needless to say that those eight tracks will take the listeners back to the glorious days of early EARACHE classics like TERRORIZER or EXTREME NOISE TERROR, yet with a modern edge that doesn’t undermine even for a second its relentless nature. 

This is where the old school meets the new school. And this ain’t pretty. Grind on baby!

Released by Doomentia

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