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Vinyl 7''EP - vinyl 7''EP

D.R.I. / RAW POWER split 2x Flexi 7 EP (FOAD) 

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Special limited edition split release made to support the string on Italian shows the bands did together in July 2012, and RAW POWER's 30th year annivesary festival. This double flexi disc set is the official reissue of 2001's split 7", with an extra unreleased bonus track. Both flexi discs are onesided and colored, with silver foil logos printed on (gold and silver). Raw Power's side is clear orange, DRI's side is clear green. US Hardcore/Crossover kings meet Italy's unstoppable Hardcore veterans. ONE UNRELEASED RAW POWER TRACK that wasn't included on the previous edition! Here's FOAD Records' introduction to this release: 

"FOAD Records is proud to announce a special limited 10 year edition re-issue of the D.R.I. vs Raw Power "Dirty Rotten Power EP" served in a double one-sided flexi disc set!! Hot from their string of Italian shows that paved the way for this release, DRI and Raw Power are uniting forces on this highly collectable item, and from now on you can finally pre-order your copy! 2012's "Dirty Rotten Power EP" consists of 2 x one-sided flexi disc EP's, one on transparent green wax and one clear orange, both with silver and gold stamp foil logos on. The sleeve is a replica of the previous EP that came out in 2002, but there's something we forgot to tell you... we added one extra UNRELEASED Raw Power song that wasn't featured on the previous split! All in all you get over 10 minutes of rapid, powerful Hardcore Crossover from two bands that have been the true history of HC in the last 3 decades. The official release date for this incendiary split is set at RAW POWER's official 30th year anniversary festival: "STILL SCREAMING FEST" @ Spazio Left in Suzzara (MN), Italy with Raw Power, Death Mechanism, Concrete Block, Distruzione and Explorer".

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