PSYCHOCONTROL = Psychotherapy & Out of Control Recs. DIY cooperation since 2007

Vinyl 7''EP - vinyl 5'', 6'', 8'', 9''

CONFINE Setting fire on the western hemisphere lathe​-​cut transparent 9 EP (DEAD HEROES) 

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This piece was made to celebrate two decades of our activities & We would like to thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years.

Bass - Zac Broughton (Oblivionized / Iconic Destruction)
Guitars - Edd Robinson (Human Cull / Disfortune)
Drums - Rich Speakman (The Afternoon Gentleman / Gets Worse)
Vocals - Chris Reese (Corrupt Moral Altar / HorseBastard)

CONFINE are a grindcore supergroup comprising members of the Afternoon Gentlemen, Gets Worse, Oblivionized, Corrupt Moral Altar, Horsebastard and Human Cull. While playing the ol' super-fast, short, and rampaging grind, they've got an overall layer of buzzing noise in both vocals and guitars, yet they're far from the noise-grind spectrum. Suicide, medication, pollution, unmarked graves and giant ants boring into your screaming skull.
Confine drag you through a feverish nightmare of constantly shifting audible violence. Never predictable, utterly dangerous and with a layer of tangible grime and misery that only UK grindcore can provide.

Written and recorded in 4 days at Vagrant Recordings, and produced by Tom Dring.

Art done by Arif Rotworks // Wormrot
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