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SQUASH BOWELS The Mass Rotting - The Mass Sickening - CD (OBSCENE) 

Cena:  CZK
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Second slasher from the polish kings of sonic torture. After many awesome singles, a split cd with malignant tumour and an album like "tnyribal" that came out as one of the most brutalizing grind death-bombs ever heard by human ear, here's the new step in their mission of devastation... A complete return to their gory origins. Downtuned, growled to the bone old-school grind ferociousness with that gore approach they handle with supreme ability. If you loved their split cd with m.t., this is something very close to it, just with an impressive technical improvement and a ways better production. If you wanna be brought back to a revisited dimension of late '80s gore heaviness... Sick harmonized vocals, corrosive fast drums and pounding full-on-bass guitar erosion... Here you get it all at its best. Viva el polish gore!
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