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CRYPT ROT An Ancient Summoning TAPE (DRY COUGH) 

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Dry Cough is thrilled to be handling the UK/Euro cassette version of the debut full length from Welsh death metal combo Crypt Rot.

Crypt Rot lean more towards the brutal end of the death metal spectrum than other bands on the Dry Cough roster, and if you happened to catch their self-titled 3 track tape released on F.H.E.D. & Frozen Screams, then you probably have an inkling that this will absolutely pulverize you.
Clocking in at a little over half an our, An Ancient Summoning is made up of seven tracks stuffed full of relentless, blasting drums, huge, rancid riffs, and demonic gutteral vocals; plus guest appearances from several well known names in the death metal underworld, all smashed together to create a satisfyingly hefty, frenzied beast of an album

Frozen Screams Imprint will be handling a US tape release, with Brutal Mind in Indonesia taking care of a CD version.

For digital, please head over to the band’s Bandcamp page:
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