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  • SICK SINUS SYNDROM – Swarming of Sickness TAPE

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    Someone likes it sick….
    The second full-length album of SICK SINUS SYNDROME, entitled ” Swarming of Sickness” is about to be released!!! In less than twenty nine minutes you will hear 21 disease ridden and rotten smelling songs with the grinding sound of surgical instruments!!!
    The album will be released in CD and cassette versions 22nd of April 2023 and a vinyl LP version around June, July 2023. Released by OBSCENE PRODUCTIONS after a roughly eight year publishing hiatus…
    Preorders open right now!!! We are shipping june/july 2023!!!

  • ROTTENNESS – Violentopia TAPE

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    ROTTENNESS from Mexico/USA are back with the long awaited third full length. “Violentopia” brings forth 13 tracks of blistering brutal death metal mixed with elements of grindcore, slam and old school heaviness. This is the band’s first major release from founding guitarist Jaleel Castillo along with completely new line-up consisting of drummer Matt Johnson, bassist/vocalist Karl Schmidt, guitarist Ray Nevison, and vocalist Matti “Niño” Guey. The album also features guest performances from members of PIG DESTROYER, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, ISOLATION IN INFAMY and more. “Violentopia” was mixed by Rob Caldwell (CANNIBAL CORPSE, MUNICIPAL WASTE, DEVOURMENT) and mastered by Davide Billia at MK2 Recording Studio (ANTROPOFAGUS, BEHEADED, BLASPHEMER, PUTRIDITY, SEPTYCAL GORGE).
    released May 20, 2022
    Matti Guey – Vocals
    Jaleel Castillo – Guitars
    Ray Nevison – Guitars
    Karl Schmidt – Bass/Vocals
    Matt Johnson – Drums
    Mixed by Rob Caldwell
    Mastered by Davide Billia
    Art by Mark Cooper
    Blake Harrison – Noise intro, Track 1
    Brian Hopp – Guest Guitar, Track 10
    Andy Nelson – Guest Guitar, Track 12
    Dr. Padilla – Guest Vocals, Tracks 7 and 13 / B-Side

  • BODYBAG Discography – TAPE

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    Euro CD to be released by Psychocontrol Recs in June 2023.
    Euro Tape to be released by Psychocontrol Recs in May / June 2023.
    Dbl LP to be released by Psychocontrol Recs, 2023.
    Artwork and layout by Ondrej Mysinsky.
    Songs 1 to 5 taken from split 12” with General Surgery.
    Recorded in November 2016 and January 2017, originally released by Living Dead Society in May 2017. Cover art and layout by Per Wiberg.
    Songs 6 & 7 taken from split 7” with Earth Federation.
    Recorded in September 2015, originally released by Awesome Mosh Power Recs in June 2017. Cover layout by Hevi.
    Song 8 taken from Invocation Of Obscene Gods compilation CD.
    Recorded in September 2015, originally released by Backwoods Butcher Recs in January 2016.
    Songs 9 to 13 taken from split 12” with Modorra.
    Recorded in September 2015, originally released by Plague Island Recs in May 2016. Cover layout by JM Dopico and Ramón Rodríguez.
    Songs 14 to 21 taken from “Predominance Of Insanity” 12” / MCD / Tape.
    Recorded in December 2014, originally released by Living Dead Society, Unholy Prophecies and Noise Not War Recs in July 2015. Cover art by Nor Prego, layout by JM Dopico.
    All songs recorded, mixed and mastered at Treboada Studio by Paco “The Maggot” Liaño.
    Bodybag was:
    JM Dopico – Drums & Vocals (2014-2017).
    Corey RF – Bass & Vocals (2014-2017).
    MS – Guitar (2014-2016).
    Iago Pregosnake – Guitar (2016-2017).
    Additional guitars on the split 12” with General Surgery by JM Dopico (Rhythm) and Johan Wallin (Lead).
    All music and lyrics by Bodybag except “Powerpigs” (Wolfpack) and “Fuck Your Hippie Love” (Hellnation).

  • ANAL ALIEN – 23 Prelude TAPE

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    ANAL ALIEN – Re-release of this classic Japanese Grind Core demo from 1997 on tape again. 23 short , stop and go, exploding grind core songs.

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