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  • REGURGITATE the Torture Sessions LP

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    Solid black vinyl limited to 350 copies.
    Complete singles and demo collection 1991-1994 back in print after more than 15 years, adding the songs from split 7″ with Vaginalmassaker that weren’t included on the previous CD editions.
    Contents in detail:
    – Demo 1991
    – “Concrete human torture ” demo
    – Split 7″s with Psychotic Noise, Vaginalmassaker and Grudge

    42 x pus-erupting stabs of sickening carnal cacophony from Sweden’s undisputed masters of Gore Grind! LP with old fashioned printed inner sleeve.

  • TERRORIZER Before the downfall 1987-89 Gatefold 2xLP+CD

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    Deluxe gatefold 2xLP with silkscreened print on side D, bonus “1987” CD (including additional demos/reh/live), extra slipcase with alternate artwork, 16 page booklet featuring extensive interviews, loads of never-seen-before photos, scans of old flyers, demo artworks and more! The ultimate collection from Los Angeles’ godfathers of GRIND, the one and only… TERRORIZER!

    This monsterwork starts off with “Collapse”, a completely unreleased song from the “World downfall” studio session unearthed from the bands secret archives.. next is an alternative take of their split tape with NAUSEA (1988) that sounds like machine-gun fire in the face and then you can enjoy all their existing demos and early works in astonishingly great sound quality, mastered with total audiophile passion from the best sounding sources in existence!! Some of these recordings are the reason why Shane Embury of Napalm Death back in his tape-trading days got completely crazy for them and persuaded Earache to sign them and bring to light “World downfall” (when the band was already on hiatus).

    “Countless blast warriors still strive for this classic sound and catchy song structure, but no one can match it on Oscar Garcia’s pitch(less) caveman growl! This is the perfect storm of incredible songwriting and recording quality” (Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer / Agoraphobic Nosebleed about “World downfall”).

    46 SONGS of bulldozing L.A. Grindcore, all the classics you want to hear included!!!

  • W.B.I. Storm from the Baltic sea 1987-1991 LP+CD

    LP 450,00 CZK Add to cart

    W.B.I. “Storm from the Baltic sea 1987-1991” LP+CD + 20 page booklet + poster


    Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies.
    One of the oldest and most destructive Noise/Grind units from the infamous German scene that spawned cacophonic horrors like TUMOR, ANAL MASSAKER, B.G.T., VENTILATOR, B.R.B. and countless more!! An exaustive collection of early W.B.I. works prior to their “Arschbombe Des Monats!” 12″.
    LP including:
    – “Stichpimpulibockforzelorum” 7″ EP (1990)
    – Split 7″ with NECROPHILIACS (1991)
    – “Arabischer Sackmantel” Demo (1990)
    Bonus CD..
    ..with the same contents as the LP + the rare “Bart 1: Anti-Russen-Geholze” Demo 1987 (180 songs!!) one of the earliest recordings in the history Teutonic Noisecore + 3 unreleased sessions!

    Fanzine styled booklet with liner notes, flyers and artworks of the original tapes/7″s and extra poster! Complete aural annihilation, hundreds of tracks blasting at heart-attack speed under an unstoppable onslaught of asthmatic screams and cavernous growls, for fans of the golden era of Noisecore (early AxCx, Sore Throat, Buka, 7MON)!!


    LP 400,00 CZK Add to cart

    SIDETRACKED: Tacoma, WA frantic powerviolence champions deliver 14 exclusive tracks (recorded in 2018) of annihilating fast hardcore to leave you completely floored and devastated. Taking the best elements of fast US hardcore and powerviolence and blending them together in a grinding cyclone of rapid tempo changes, neck breaking blasts and raging vocals. ISOLATION AS CULT: 180 song pulverizing noisecore hecatomb at its fiercest degradation stage. Combining the old school extremism of 7MON, Fear Of God, VNA, AxCx, Crawl Noise with Japanese filthnoisepunk influences (Gai, Confuse, Toxo-Vomit, State Children). Featuring: GTB (Cripple Bastards) / HOD (Toxic Basement Studio). Get ready for a lethal overdose of micro-song nihilism! LP with insert and bonus I.A.C. sticker.

  • EGO FIX Total filth squad – Discography 1995-1997 LP+CD

    LP 600,00 CZK Add to cart

    Grind Core from Japan

    Black vinyl limited to 200 copies.

    Tracks A1 to A4 = v/a – “Grind The Faces Of Rockstars Vol. 2” cassette 1996 / Bloodbath Records (BIM1010)
    Tracks A5 to A6 = v/a – “Snarl Out” 7″ EP 1996 / Slightly Fast Records (FAST-002)
    Tracks A7 to A10 = “Terminal Filth Squad” split 7″ EP w/ PLUTONIUM 1997 / Dan-Doh Records (DAN-DOH 004)
    Tracks A11 to A14 = v/a “1995.1.17.46” cassette 1995 / F.F.T. Label (F.F.T.009)
    Tracks B1 to B8 = “Eternal Karma” Demo 1996 / self released
    CD tracks 1 to 18 = “Reh+Live Demo ’96” previously unreleased
    CD track 19 = “Live At Scramble House in Maizuru City, Kyoto (Performed by CHAPEL OF GHOUL)

  • SO CLOSE Painkiller Mentality 7″EP

    EP 160,00 CZK Add to cart

    Italian powerviolence band..

  • CRIPPLED FOX That’s Just Life Now 7″EP

    EP 160,00 CZK Add to cart

    Formed in late 2008. Budapest, Hungary, CxFx was among the few pioneers in the local punk/hardcore scene with its thrashcore/crossover style, with a huge doze of Venice beach vibe, skating, bandana thrash, etc.

  • D.F.C. / LOW LIFE split LP

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    DFC Punk hardcore / thrash band from Brasilia, Brazil, active since 1993. DFC stands for Distrito Federal Caos. LOWLIFE Thrashcore from Brazil

  • the ARSON PROJECT God Bless TAPE

    TAPE 160,00 CZK Add to cart

    Sweden Grind Core

  • FORMLESS MASTER First Strike 7″EP

    EP 160,00 CZK Add to cart

    Karate-Grind. Kyoto, Japan//Minneapolis, MN, USA

    Featuring members of Gridlink, Mortalized, Deterioration, Invidiosus.


    EP 160,00 CZK Add to cart

    Swedish/Finnish grind/death project with members from Feastem, Axis of Despair and Dripping Hörror.


    EP 160,00 CZK Add to cart

    Furious bay area grindcore outfit Violent Opposition team up with east coast experimental grinders Prepare For The Mindscan for a brilliant offering of pure blasting fun!!

  • FECALIZER Wendigo 7″EP

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    Fecalizer is an 18 year veteran of the Mexican goregrind scene, bringing chugging brutal death metal riffs and guttural vocals to goregrind themes and sensibilities. Coming on the heels of their recently released full length “The planet of 7 billion zombies”, WENDIGO is a wall to wall banger filled with 12 minutes of blasts, slams, and stories of cannibalistic horrors.
    FFO: Dead Infection, LDOH, Internal Bleeding, Jungle Rot


    EP 150,00 CZK Add to cart

    Power Violence USA vs GA American power violence band from Las Vegas, NV, active since April 2011


    5" 150,00 CZK Add to cart

    Crust band from Gävle, Västerås & Stockholm, Sweden.


    5" 150,00 CZK Add to cart

    SUFFERING MIND Grind Core Poland POWERCUP Grind Core Canada

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    RAGE OF ALL All Hail CD

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    Thrash/Grindcore/Hardcore band from Torrington, Connecticut, United States.

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    INCREMATE Prospect of Death CD

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    Old School Death / Thrash Metal band from Dresden, Germany, formed in 2007.


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    NYCTOPHAGIA Terrified Of Tomorrow CD

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    Goregrind, Rawgrind, Grindcore, Old School from El Paso, Texas, USA

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    LEFT IN RUINS Sound Of Defeat CD

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    Grinding powerviolence from Sweden.

  • Su19b Neturalize CD

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    Grindcore / Sludgecore band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 1997.

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