HUTT Apocalipster TAPE


+ Doprava

Highly anticipated official reissue of the most recent full-length album from Brazilian horror grinders, HUTT! Explicitly active and more brutal than ever, Apocalipster is rife with crunching riffs that kill, and maniacal blasting from beyond the grave. Prepare your funeral arrangements before listening to this reeking array of 25 tracks designed for murder. Rotten grindcore steals half an hour of your life you will never want to have back! Sealed cases reside in special slipcovers; featuring a completely redesigned layout from the original CD version, in order to display in maximum carnage the brilliant cover art and gruesome lyric panel designs.
Professionally manufactured jack-o’-lantern orange colored cassette tape with black imprint.
Limited to 100 total copies from Acid Redux Productions.

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