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  • NOTHINGNESS – The Hollow Gaze Of Death LP

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    Nothingness is an American death metal band, featuring heavy death/doom sections, tense atmosphere building and reverence to the riff.
    A sound based on a more old school style, with modern death metal takes and experimentations. We call it Cauldronous Death metal.

  • BETELZEUS – Shedding The Skin LP

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    Finnish sludge doomers’ BETELZEUS second album SHEDDING THE SKIN wraps the listener in grief and darkness.
    Among his influences are groups like Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Kyuss, Tyoe O Negative, Fu Manchu, Masters Of Reality,…

  • HEX – Behold the Unlighted LP

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    HEX are a five piece of heavy and utterly darkened Death/Doom metal from Bilbao inspired by the wrath of the ancient ones. Let there be darkness!!!

  • CHRIST AGONY Unholyunion LP

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    Re-edition of the cult debut of Christ Agony. Special mastering prepared by Satanic Audio. New layout done by XXV The Sign.

  • CHRIST AGONY – Daemoonseth -Act II LP

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    Re-release of Christ Agony’s second album. Special mastering prepared by Satanic Audio. New layout done by XXV The Sign.

  • EPITOME – Autoe​’​ROT​’​icism​/​Engulf The Decrepitude LP

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    Epitome – a band whose original musical approach, incredible live shows has turned the grind scene upside down. Let’s be clear – after autoe’ROT’icism nothing was as it had been earlier. It’s the title that nearly 20 years ago was shaping the brutal scene and was setting its standards. Cold, mechanical, mega-brutal grind, not avoiding experiments and maverick solutions.
    As a bonus, the first Epitome demo „Engulf The Decrepitude” is added to the release. Raw and brutal as hell material, showing already what Epitome would slay our arses with, in the future!

  • HOSTIA – Nailed LP

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    “Three nails weren’t enough? We’ll fix it with fifteen.”
    Hostia is back with its third full album. The stage wise men say that the third album in the history of each group is groundbreaking. It is difficult to say whether the situation is similar in this case. Uniqueness is incalculable, breaking patterns cannot be assessed. “Nailed” shows that the unholy quartet doesn’t have to do anything, and does everything. New Hostia is an unlimited play with the convention of extreme music.
    The album was recorded traditionally at JNS studio. Haldor Grunberg (Satanic Audio) is responsible for the production.
    Pachu Design is classically responsible for the graphic design and the development of accessories.

  • TENEBRIS – Only Fearless Dreams LP

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    It is the beginning of 1996. The second Tenebris album is released on cassette. A year later, the CD version appears. The material on the album was bold, innovative, ahead of the time. Despite the undisputed uniqueness, it remained a bit underrated and probably not fully understood… Time passed, the band played concerts, the material began to become legendary here and there, not to say a cult.
    Despite many obstacles, mishaps, and volatile market trends, the team has survived, works and creates to this day. This is one of the elements that proves that the music created by Tenebris is something completely different than “momentum”, contractual obligations or the desire to shine cheaply in these or other salons.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, for the 30th anniversary of the band and the 25th anniversary of the original release – “Only Fearless Dreams” in the vinyl version in the colors of Deformeathing Production!

  • ANATOMIA / RUIN split LP

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    Death Doom from Japan and US Death metal cult RUIN

  • WORM ALTAR – Demo 2022 TAPE

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    Crushing death / doom debut by WORM ALTAR from Portland, Maine. Thick riffing meets a slew of gloomy keyboards and snappy drums on three dense tracks. For fans of Spectral Voice, Crowbar, and Thergothon! Professionally manufactured transparent green cassette tapes with black liner and white imprint. Includes laser cut embroidered patch with heat-seal backing, and download code. Limited to 75 copies from Acid Redux Productions, 2022.

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