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    NOCTURNAL HELL – Insurrection LP

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    Black / Thrash from Spain

  • DESERVE TO DIE – Desrve to die LP

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    Coming from Okayama City and Takamatsu City, Japan, DESERVE TO DIE is a brutal grindcore band following the steps of
    the pioners of the genre. 16 song attack from japanese lands. This is for people into ND´s “From enslavement to obliterarion”,
    Assück, Excruciating Terror or their comrades Grave Mist.

  • VENTILATOR Total verhaltens gestörter LP

    LP 360,00 CZK Add to cart

    Another noise-grind gems from the 90s. VENTILATOR were one of our fave bands of the genre from that time, they released
    some tapes, tracks on compilation tapes, a full length 7” and a spit 7” with DSFA. In 1991 and 1993 the band recorded two
    studio sessions that remains unreleased until DMCED offered a full LP to the band. Those 2 studio sessions are included on
    this LP. 44 songs of finest noisecore-grind for fans of Fear Of God, Anal Cunt, Anal Massaker, Cannibalistic Dissection and
    the likes. Totally 90s noise-chaos-grind. If you lived that time, this is a must to have record.

  • ESTENOSIS – Confesiones de un ladrón de tumbas LP

    LP 360,00 CZK Add to cart

    Do not die because we will desecrate you!
    From the depths of the cadaverous grave, this LP is exhumed to compile the demos “Ritual Mortuorio” and “Pudrición
    Funeraria” into a putrescense of lapidary black noise.
    20 tracks full of filth and repudiation of the sacred, the funeral sound for the world of shit in which you will die!
    Edition of 300 copies in glorious black vinyl.

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