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  • INCREMATE Prospect of Death CD

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    Old School Death / Thrash Metal band from Dresden, Germany, formed in 2007.


  • ENTRAPMENT Irreligeous Abominations – Demo Sessions 2010-2014 CD

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    One-man death metal band based in Groningen, The Netherlands.
    Formed in 2009.


    Tracks 1-4 are taken from the Infernal Blasphemies sessions.
    Tracks 5-8 are taken from the Putrefying Stench of Death sessions.
    Tracks 9-12 are taken from the Crawling Morbidity sessions.
    Track 13 is unreleased track for the split 7″ with Necrowretch
    Tracks 14-16 are taken from the Massive Assault split sessions.
    Tracks 17-18 are taken from the split with Pyre.
    Edition of 1000 copies.

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