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    Grindcore band from Czech Republic. 1996-2011. Album from 2002 first time on vinyl


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    Grindcore from Finland and Czech Republic

  • FEASTEM – Graveyard Earth LP

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    Grindcore band from Raahe, Finland, founded in 2005. Album from 2020

  • HAEMORRHAGE – The Amputation Sessions 10″

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    If you want to listen to songs go to Haermorrhage bandcamp page! Here only physical copies for sale! The complete version of the legendary Demo recorded in 2010 as advance to ”Hospital Carnage” remastered and remixed!

  • MORGUE BREATH -Postrarse Frente La Flema CD

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    Morgue Breathe is a great old school death grind band in the vein of repulsion, autopsy or machetazo!

    This album was released in 2020 on Left Hand Patches and Terrible Mutilation records.


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    Feeling Young? Is this really needs any description!? Probably two most interested bands on one limited to 300 copies splatter split release by Grindfather and Left Hand Patches! Pharmacist with four new songs and Fluids with five….madness!!


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    Six inch BLACK vinyl with Grind Core Legends Unholy Grave from Japan included one previously unreleased long song ”Hijacked” recorded in 2006 and mastered in 2019 exclusively for this release.
    Nekrofilth on the flipside deliver two songs in their own sick oldschool style! Limited to 500 copies!Japanese Grind Core legends on s

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    DETERRENCE / YATTAI split one sided LP

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    Grind Core project of SUFFERING MIND vs YATTAI French grindcore band formed in 2004/2005.


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    Gore Grind vs Grind Core… two legends from Holland

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    ExTx US Grind Core vs CYNESS Ger Grind Core

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    AFGRUND – Cleptocray LP

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    November 2018 the three bands on the road together in Finland, a total of 39 songs were recorded at the gig in tampere, ingenious soundboard quality, which still doesn’t have to do without the roughness and atmosphere. Pure live enjoyment. The enclosed booklet (with liner notes, rare pictures and stories) allows you to experience the musical inferno even more intensely.


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    The most barbaric and primitive strains of Grindcore with the ferocious sound of Death Metal, this is what awaits you with the new album from Whoresnation!
    Recorded at Disvlar Studio by Steph Lawansch, July 2021.
    Mixed and mastered at Earhammer Studio by Greg Wilkinson, October 2021.
    Available in limited edition in marbled black & orange wax.

  • CIVILIAN THROWER – Trebuchet Showroom CD (digipak)

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    After a demo and three splits the French grindcore unit CIVILIAN THROWER released a debut album called “Trebuchet Showroom”. Civilian Thrower includes members of WHORESNATION, HORDUR, LOVGUN, MATRAK ATTAKK, RAN… 13 short and intense songs in 13 minutes!

  • SQUASH BOWELS – Love Songs CD

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    Reissue of the fourth full length from the Polish goregrind veterans! Recorded in famous Hertz Studio by Wiesławscy brothers in 2005 “Love Songs” was out of stock for over a decade. 15 songs of heavy and sheer grindcore brutality! A must have!!!


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    Years in the making, this spectacular 3-way split between ANTIGAMA (Poland), THE KILL (Australia) and NOISEAR (USA) is finally available for grind masses yearning for outrageous noise! 17 blistering songs clocking in around 25 minutes; highest dose of unadulterated grindcore. The world-famous brothers in grind of the 21st century to unite for a violent feast and celebrate longtime friendship. This is a must have for every grindcore freak!!!

  • ROT – Nowhere CD

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    After nearly a decade of silence Sao Paulo veterans are back with new studio material. 12 new and unreleased songs recorded during the summer 2015 mark the comeback of ROT and their killer, old school grindcore the band has been practicing since 1990!

  • SUFFERING MIND – Discography 2008 – 2010 CD

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    SUFFERING MIND from Lublin, Poland are one of the most impressive grind bands today. The “Discography 2008-2010” includes 47 songs from the band’s vinyl only releases: “Death To False Grindcore” 3″EP, s/t LP (625 Thrash), split LP w/ ASSHAMMER, split 7″EP w/ WOJTYLA, split 7″EP w/ LYCANTHROPHY, and “Destroy Mankind” 7″EP. 49 minutes of an unrelenting force of face-melting grindcore. A must have for fans of ASSUCK, PHOBIA, INSECT WARFARE, DISCORDANCE AXIS, EXCRUCIATING TERROR, THE KILL, MAGRUDERGRIND.

  • AFGRUND – the Dystopian CD

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    Latest album of this Swe / Fin Grind Core band.

  • PHARMACIST – Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds LP

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    Highly anticipated 2nd full length album from these masters of Japanese death / grind duo Pharmacist is coming with new full-length,
    “Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds”, expanding even further
    their style with songwriting complexity and grotesque atmosphere.
    With 7 tracks clocking in around 46 minutes, they bring old school Carcass style
    death metal and shifting in to various dimensions, through the goregrind to
    progressive sub-genres.
    With guest lead guitar, carried by Andrew Lee (Ripped To Shreds), this piece of
    disgusting work is filled with grace instrumental pieces, which will keep you repeat
    this record for a long time, finding more and more nuances in this intricated, yet delicate rotting mash.

  • DESERVE TO DIE – Desrve to die LP

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    Coming from Okayama City and Takamatsu City, Japan, DESERVE TO DIE is a brutal grindcore band following the steps of
    the pioners of the genre. 16 song attack from japanese lands. This is for people into ND´s “From enslavement to obliterarion”,
    Assück, Excruciating Terror or their comrades Grave Mist.

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