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  • VERDICT – The Rat Race LP

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    Debut recording of new swedish käng / d-beat band with old faces. Expect nothing than raw and fast mangel!

    Kalle – vocals, EA – guitar, Kenko – guitar, Jallo – bass, Kalle – drums

    Additional bass tracks by Jocke

    Mixed and mastered by Kenko at the Communichaos Meida Clay Station 2021.


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    After all troubles and fails its finally out. Canadian Crusty Grind Core MASSGRAVE give me approve to release this wrong press of Bloody Phoenix / Seitan split 7″EP. Here they bring you 4 songs with their own sound prooved by years of grinding and touring.
    SEITAN from Sweden with 3 Kang as fuck songs of classic swedish school. After debut CD released back in 2008 and digital album at their bandcamp site this is their first vinyl release after 9 years after debut CD. Brutal sound and super heavy vocals which is ex-singer from SEWN SHUT. Drummer played in ATOMVINTER, NON FORTES SED CRUDELES, MANDRAGORA and other members played in MIASMAL, SWORDWIELDER.

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