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    Swedish/Finnish grind/death project with members from Feastem, Axis of Despair and Dripping Hörror.

  • CLOACAL PROTUBERANCE – Birth Of Protuberance TAPE

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    “Birth of Protuberance” recorded live, improvised, D.I.Y., and drunk at The Dojo on March 27th, 2021. ft. members of Invidiosus, Rottenness, ex-Deterioration, Violence Condoned. the band was formed from a love for Gutalax, Mincing Fury, the beauty and grace of feathery avion creatures, and polka beats


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    Socio-politically charged grind from Paraguay. CST brings you back to the very roots of grindcore, with punk fueled riffs and lyrics. But adds a modern touch of thrash groove, for a unique sound not found in most US and Euro grind outfits. Excellent production coupled, with pro made cassettes makes this a must have for fans and collectors alike.

  • KORRODED Rudiment Butcher TAPE

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    Pure, unadulterated, no gimmick, GRINDCORE from Memphis Tennessee. KORRODED brings the violence, desperation, and struggles of their home town streets to life across 15 tracks of powerful, unrelenting, vicious grind. A pure vision of a dystopian future, where gun violence prevails, a police state controls our lives, and depression, drugs and death are our only escape.

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